Mum-of-16 shares her simple tip for feeding kids without leaving any washing up


A mum-of-16 has revealed how she feeds her kids without having to do any washing up.

Jeni and Ray Bonell, who have one of the biggest families in Australia, regularly share their busy life with their 8,000 followers on Instagram.

Jeni, whose kids are aged between five and 30, gave fans an insight into “lunch” in the Bonell household.

She puts a large piece of paper on the floor, covers it in chips and then her kids sit around it and eat the meal together.

Not only does the idea make it easier for all her kids to easily reach the chips, it cuts down on the washing up too.

Sharing the savvy hack online, she wrote: “Lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!”

She added she was: “Just feeding the kids.”

Fellow parents praised the pair for sharing the hack with them, with many saying they loved the simple lunch.

One person said: “Best lunch ever”

Another wrote: “These are the best lunches during the holidays. Our kids love it too. Enjoy.”

While a third raved: “No better lunch! A favourite weekend lunch in our house.”

And this mum added: “Literally getting hot chips right now cause it’s rainy [because] that’s what [you] do!”

Jeni previously revealed that they’re often mistaken for hoarders when they go shopping because of how much food they have.

While she acknowledged that “it probably looked like a panic buy” to others, the three trolleys they filled was just their regular shop.

She said: “Doing groceries for a big family is hard enough without the unnecessary stares and comments. Just pleased it’s all done.”

The family also share snippets of their daily lives on YouTube and Facebook.