Angry mum claims Lush bath bomb turned tub pink and scrubbing won’t remove stain


A mum has turned to the internet for some advice after her daughter’s Lush bath bomb left her bathtub stained bright pink.

In a post on Facebook, Belinda Hill from Australia, shared a look at her brighly coloured bath and explained that no amount of scrubbing was removing the marks.

She asked the fellow parents on Mums Who Cook Clean & Organise for some help on how to clean up the tub, after Jiff had failed to do the trick.

Alongside the snap of her bathroom, the mum wrote: “My daughter used a Lush bath bomb.

“We tried Jiff and gumption so far and it comes off with a lot of scrubbing, but not fully. Suggestions to try?”

A number of people commented on the post, sharing their cleaning tips and tricks.

One fellow parent claimed they’d been through a similar experience with a bath bomb.

They replied: “OMG this happened to me, I used bleach and bicarb soda and soaked it in hot water, then it came off with no scrubbing!”

Another suggested: “Just mix lemon, vinegar and bicarb soda, use it boiled hot. That helps to remove it.”

A third person added: “Bleach and leave it for about three mins to clean it off and then do it for a second time.”