McDonald’s fan shares simple hack to eat in your car without making a mess


With McDonald’s again forced to close its doors to customers due to Covid-19 restrictions, many fast food fans will be relying on the drive-thrus to get their fix.

And for those who haven’t quite mastered the art of eating in their car without making a huge mess, a woman has shared a handy hack to make the whole thing a lot easier.

TikTik user @Marialenopara, who has racked up millions of views on the platform, showed off a technique to be able to hold all of your food and your drink in one hand.

Mariale opens a box of six Chicken McNuggets before balancing it on top of her drink, placing the straw through the gap in the cardboard box to hold it in place.

She then fills the empty side of the box with chips, leaving the other hand free to start digging in, with the straw giving easy access to the drink – as you can see in the video above.

It’s racked up more than 60,000 likes as viewers vowed to give it a go themselves, and McDonald’s has even previously promoted the technique itself.

The official McDonald’s Australia Instagram account uploaded a guide on the best way to do it, with the caption: “Fancy a one-handed meal? Simply unfold your burger box to make a fries tray, then perch it on your soft drink. Easy as.”

It copied the exact technique demonstrated by Mariale, using a burger instead of nuggets, but it really divided opinion among fans as not everyone was left convinced.

Some loved the idea, commenting: “Maccas goals!” and “Been living my life wrong for so many years.”

But others were quick to point out a perceived flaw in the plan, which they said relies on very calculated eating of the burger and chips to keep the box perfectly balanced.

One argued: “The burger weighs more than the chips making the box tip over including the drink. Not a very good idea.”